Terrace Iron Collection

Cast Iron Gates and Fencing Special Discount

This Collection has been developed from an original 19th century pattern book with the private home in mind. The low fence panel is ideal for adding decorative detail to perimeter walls or planters. The Gates are in proportion with most domestic requirements and work well as garden entry gates.

Originally used on terraced houses in Victorian times, the Terrace Iron range has been used on properties of all types.


Gates and Fences in the traditional Terrace style …

The Terrace Collection represents the finest in affordable ornamental cast iron railings. This railing system was designed with the historic English Terrace home in mind but has since found its way into may other installations including wall topping fence, widow’s walk railings and others. These solid cast iron railings will always prove far more durable than lightweight wrought iron or steel tube fabrications which even when painted properly rust from the inside out.

This railing system should be installed into a properly prepared masonry coping or foundation.

Please call on our sales specialists to help you design and price your next ornamental iron project.

Terrace Cast Iron pedestrian Gates and Fences are in proportion for most domestic requirements, and although we can offer a supply and installation service, any competent D-I-Y er could complete a typical terraced house fitting in one or two days.

Free advice on fitting and price combinations.

Before any applicable discounts, Pricing from:

  • Terrace Railing from $63.36 per foot.
  • Terrace Pedestrian Gate from $531.00.

Our Terrace Collection pedestrian gate, railing and posts are pre-primed and undercoated for their final coat after installation. CAD drawings are available on request.

Call us now at 1-918-592-1700 X 112 or X 117. Or toll free at 1-877-855-4766 (IRON)with any queries you may have concerning our Prospect Cast Iron Fencing and Gates. Or email sales@heritagecastironusa.com for a no-obligation Quotation.

Trade Discounts and Special Pricing are often available so never hesitate to enquire!

You can see more images in the Terrace Iron Collection Gallery.

Restoring your Terrace Property with Cast Iron

If you want to restore the integrity of your period property as a project there is no better suited material than Cast Iron. Many lookalike railings are available made of mild steel with cast iron decoration and embellishments added to make them look original. Why have copies that will not last when you can get solid cast iron originals that will last 100 years or more. Just take a look around your own town or city to see Victorian cast iron examples that are still looking good today!

Call us if you have any questions, or for a quotation.

1-877-855-4766 (IRON)

Our Terrace Cast Iron Pedestrian Gate starts from just $531.00 including hardware

Our beautiful Terrace Cast Iron Fences start at approximately $63.36 per running foot. Please call us with your approximate dimensions to allow us to give you a quotation.

Our Terrace fencing, gates and posts are supplied primed, ready for application of the final coat after installation. CAD drawings are available on request.

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Cast Iron helps to recreate that original period feel and thereby lends an improved and rewarding feel to your home. And it can also add significant benefits when you come to sell. The beautiful Cast Iron Fence and Gates in our Terrace range offer great value. Imagine just how different the initial impression will be as people visit your home for the first time!

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